Defining Credibility Using Mobile BehaviorMobileScore has what you need

We are experiencing a mobile revolution with handset penetration of more than 87% of the population; however, financial access is subject to establishing credibility through traditional CRB data or through validation of assets. These are insufficient in a population that is largely in the informal sector or does not possess valuable assets. MobileScore looks at the usage of mobile products to analyze likely behavior of potential borrowers.

Custom score cards allows your business to take control of managing the risk and increasing the profit of your portfolios.

Revenue Collection and Cashless DisbursementsA payment gateway that respects the independence of your accounts

Payments are rapidly moving towards a cashless ecosystem. The opportunities for going cashless nets you more payment options from mobile money such as M-PESA and card money using Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay etc. These avenues for cash collection are all possible using our Payment Gateway. The modern operator also sends out loan disbursements, mobile banking withdrawals through mobile money channels. With our API suite your business is able to dispense cash faster, conveniently and with less risk of carrying hard cash.

Independence of your accounts means you manage your own account with your mobile money provider. We only record money in or channel money out of your accounts based on your instructions.

Cashless is an opportunity for digitizing your business for enhanced operational efficiency and unmatched customer experience.

Communications for the Modern BusinessSend and receive messages

Most Business To Customer (B2C) messaging is delivered through SMS. Business interactions such as Mobile & SACCO banking for the simple customer are deployed on USSD.

We aim to provide a reliable service for your mass messaging needs.

We are working with the Telcos on the final touches for delivery of this service following granting of our Licence by the Communications Authority of Kenya.