Open Banking ProjectsAPI-led Connectivity

The concept of Open Banking is becoming increasingly prominent in the financial services industry. The term refers to the practice of building and deploying Open Banking APIs and then making them available to the public for use. Open Banking initiatives are redefining the financial services landscape in a number of ways��from enhancing the services institutions offer to increasing their revenue from new channels. More importantly, however, an Open Banking initiative can lead to a secure form of data exchange that accelerates collaboration with outside organizations and third-party developers and in so doing, redraws the boundaries of what a bank is and what products and services it provides.

Mobile Money Interoprability ProjectsPowering financial inclusion the winning way

We call Mobile Money interoperability the win-win model for Telcos because the different Telco providers are able to work together for the good of the customer at the Bottom-Of-The-Pyramid.

In order to limit technical friction between various mobile money operators and mobile money vendors we build rich logic on the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform to allow for seamless operations between different mobile money platforms.

Interoperability has never been as easy as ABC.