Analyze Mobile Behavior in SecondsTake control of your lending with alternative data

We are turning mobile usage data into worthy insights. This means less risk and increased revenue catchment; ultimately, untapped financial opportunity for your lending business. We continuously update our data and our systems to help you build a rich dataset as you progress to making more mature credit appraisals.

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Automate Channels For Revenue Collection & DisbursementBe efficient, productive and proactive with cashless

Automating your cash collection with your back-end accounting systems or database is necessary for the modern business. M-PESA, Card Payments are the means through which the modern business receives its revenues. We ensure that your payments are linked to your back-end systems for immediate reconciliation. Our platform also allows you to dispense payments to customers out of your M-PESA accounts. The platform further helps you manage cashflows between the collection and disbursement accounts in M-PESA so that you no longer have to worry about insufficient cash.

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Engage Your CustomersReach more customers with simple SMS or USSD interactions

Effective Contact

SMS & USSD are powerful tools for mass communication.

Trusted Delivery

A reliable connection ensures your messages reach the intended target.

Active Feedback

Receive feedback to get customer perspectives of your products or services.

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